Friday, October 1, 2010

Thrifty Fall Decorating

I think I might be the last decor blogger to dress up the house for Fall.  This week I finally drug the boxes up from the basement and went for it.  I scored a few additional items at Target and Dollar Tree and added some fresh pumpkins and gourds as well.  Let's take a look!

Our family room has a floor to ceiling stone fireplace and beamed ceiling so I like the decor to have a rustic feel.  

Love a white pumpkin, especially against the dark stone!  And those cinnamon stick candles are actually from last year's Target Christmas clearance but I think they also work for Fall.
The sign needed some height and these blue canning jars proved to be perfect for the job!

Moving on to the living room...this room is a little more formal so the decorations are more simple and elegant.
I put this arrangement together in a few minutes and I love it!  I use a lot of these items for year round decorating.  Just add Fall gourds and fruit - easy!
Milk glass from the thrift store with 50% off faux gourds from Michael's.  The tiered piece is actually three separate pieces of milk glass stacked up (I might not have even used any glue...)
These botanical prints are also from the thrift store.  They are great for Fall decorating because they are titled "September" and "October".  Now I just need to find "November"...

In the kitchen I went for a Halloween theme for the kids!
You can see how I made the chalkboard here and the pumpkins here.
The sparkly chandelier is from the Target Dollar Spot people!  Cuuuute! Cheeaap!

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my Fall decorating around the house.  You can get a lot more great ideas at these parties!  Have you linked up yet?

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  1. it all looks fabulous! i need to go get one of those sparkly chandelier cut outs. i love it!

  2. You aren't the last one I still need to break out the Fall decor

  3. So cute! I LOVE your home, so pretty!

  4. Adorable! I am still getting all my stuff up! Hopefully I will finish up this weekend!

  5. Great little touches! I like how imaginative you were with some of them too, like the chandelier and the stacked milk glass. "I might not have even used any glue..." Yeah, somebody doesn't own a cat!

  6. I'm so glad you joined the party. Love the milk glass filled with little pumpkins!

  7. Looks good, much nicer than my 2 sad little pumpkins.

  8. Good morning! I have a blog award for you if you want it. Here's the link:


  9. So cute....and I want that stone fireplace. Cozy deliciousness.


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