Sunday, December 12, 2010

Make a Tree Skirt from a Tablecloth

Because I changed up my Christmas color scheme this year I had to buy new stockings for the whole family.  Yeah...not so thrifty huh?  
But cute right?
I found these snowflake stockings at Target for $13 each which was not too bad.  However, the matching tree skirt? $40!  That was so not happening.  But never fear!  While I was perusing the holiday table linens I noticed a tablecloth that coordinates perfectly with our new stockings.  I grabbed a 70" round one for just $11.

With a few tweaks I now have a new coordinating tree skirt and saved $29!
To make a tree skirt from a tablecloth:
1. Lay out your tablecloth and find the center.  Cut a slit (as straight as possible) from the outer edge to the center.  This was pretty easy to do since the tablecloth had fairly accurate creases on it from the packaging to use as guide lines.
2. Hot glue ribbon of your choice to both sides of the slit to create a finished edge.  I chose green ribbon to go with my color scheme.  (You could also use hem tape  or a sewing machine for this step and the next.)
 3. Cut four equal size pieces of ribbon to use as the ties and attach them to the either side of the slit (on the under side of the tablecloth) with hot glue. 
 (Your little helper may want to be thisclose to you and end up with her little foot in your photos.)
4.  Give the tablecloth a good ironing and then wrap around the tree, using the ribbons to secure the tree skirt.  Some "Tszujing" may be required to get the desired full, soft look.
Here are a few more great Target Christmas decor money saving ideas.  Check 'em out!

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  1. I'm impressed! That round table cloth was a quick and thrifty fix; very well done!

    Thanks for the shout out too, I do appreciate the placemat love!

  2. Very cool Sarah! Never would have thought of a round tablecloth... makes alot of sense!! Beautiful tree!


  3. Awesome idea! Love the snowflakes...come link up to my Sew Crafty Saturday Party!

  4. ... i just discovered this post, and cracked up! i did the same exact thing for my first christmas tree! down to the exact tablecloth from target. except that i was a bit lazy and just cut the tablecloth and let the edges overlap. love it. :-)


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