Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Star Wars 5th Birthday Party

My son loves, I mean REALLY REALLY LOVES, Star Wars.  You can't walk anywhere in the house without stepping on a teeny tiny Han Solo Lego or tripping over a storm trooper blaster.  You also may remember that my son is sometimes known as Darth Vader and he's got the bedroom to prove it!

Naturally we threw a Star Wars party for his 5th birthday.  There was really no alternative, we're dealing with Lord Vader here people.

In a galaxy far, far away...the guests were summoned to Jedi training by Master Yoda.
The invite text is printed on sparkly vellum using the "Jedi" font you can download here.  You can find several variations of the invitation wording online- I simply modified the text to fit my preferences.  These invitations are not as thrifty as the store bought variety but I like the custom look for about $20.

When the young padawans arrived each received a Jedi Council-approved pool noodle lightsaber.  You can read an excellent lightsaber tutorial here.  These were so, so easy to make and provided most of the entertainment for the kids! (They were really happy just to beat the heck out of each other)  Everybody got to take one home with them too!

Our Jedi Master (my husband) took the young padawans through several training exercises.
They practiced their lightsaber technique with bubbles and balloons, worked on listening skills with "Yoda Says" and honed their Jedi senses in a round of "Hot Space Rock".
After the Death Star was destroyed, Darth Vader (my Dad in an awesome homemade costume) made an appearance and was thoroughly vanquished by the newly minted Jedi knights.  Then our Jedi Master awarded each child a certificate for successfully completing their Jedi training (available here).
Then it was time for cupcakes and snacks!
 Lightsaber Pretzles
 Mint Chocolate Yoda sandwich cookies inspired by this recipe.
Yoda Soda - Green Hawaiian Punch, lemon-lime soda and lime sherbert.  I really wanted to make R2D2 cups like these from My Creative Stirrings so I asked my sister to decorate 16 cups with markers.  They were so cute.  But we didn't realize until too late that the the blue ink would rub off when using the cups!  Recreate with caution or you will have blue lips too!
Princess Leia Cupcakes
Blue & orange iced cupcakes with Star Wars toppers. I love the Star Wars cupcake toppers from Williams Sonoma so I decided to make my own.
I made the cupcake toppers with leftover card stock from the invites, Star Wars confetti from the party store and toothpicks.  Each side had a Dark Side and Light Side.

We had such a fun time celebrating with friends and family.  And I know the birthday boy enjoyed training to be a Jedi with his best buds!  

Do you have a future Jedi at home with a birthday coming up?

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  1. I'm turning 26 this year and want a party like this!!!!!! My husband just might oblige too.
    When the day comes for us to have our own young padawans, we'll be doing this, too.
    Thanks for the wonderful post!

  2. that is soooo awesome! the princess leia cupcakes are my favorite part! i am saving these ideas, sarah- thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas, and pictures!
    My little guy is turning 3 and loves star wars like his big brother. we'll be using lots of your ideas. thank u :)

  4. WOW! This is too cute! You did such a fabulous job! My four year old would have LOVED that!

  5. That is the cutest party ever!!!

  6. I miss themed kid parties for this reason- my favorite thing in the whole sheebang were those amazing Princess Leia cupcakes!

  7. So cute! I love themed parties!

    ~ Sarah

  8. I agree- this just rocks. So creative and adorable. Those cupcakes are TOO great!! I am sure your son LOVED this party!!

  9. Very cool party! I need to see Darth Vadar Pictures! Hope BEn and Olivia enjoyed their party!

  10. Great job on the party. The Princess Leia cupcakes were super cute. I also loved the idea of Yoda Soda. :) I might have to steal that!

  11. Those Princess Lea cupcakes are awesome! Super creative party

  12. This is soooo cute! I am saving this one for future reference. I already know my son is going to love Star Wars (he's 2 and already showing interest!). Looking forward to meeting you on the 26th!

  13. Found your blog through Google. :)
    Planning my son's Star Wars party. He's turning 6. Thanks so much for sharing! We'll be using some of the same ideas.

  14. I love the Tie Fighter snacks and the Princess Lea cupcakes w/ the Orea "Buns". So clever!.


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