The qualities of a great watch

If you’ve ever looked for a man’s watch, you know there’s quite a variety out there. While there’s certainly a number of technical terms you can use to differentiate one watch from another, it can be difficult to decide what makes one watch good and another watch worth skipping. If you’re in the market for a good wooden watch, for example, you’ll want to take a moment to figure out what makes any given watch worth buying. Fortunately, you can look to three factors to figure out exactly what makes a specific watch better than others in its category.


If you remember the old watch commercials, you’ll remember the phrase “it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'”. While you don’t necessarily need to have a watch that’s going to stand up to extreme punishment, it is good to have a watch that stands up to daily use. Your day-to-day watch should be something that can stand the average bumps and scrapes of office life without causing you to stop and worry about the watch face or casing. While there are certainly plenty of problems that can befall your typical watch, you want something that’s going to be a tool rather than a distraction.


Some people view a watch as a simple fashion accessory, but the truth is that a tense wooden watch is still very much a time-keeping tool. The last thing you want to do is to spend a significant amount of time making sure that your watch actually fulfills its primary purpose. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles the watch has if it can’t keep time reliably. While every mechanical watch will eventually lose time, you want something that’s going to generally be reliable from day to day. You can’t expect perfection, buit you should be willing to look for the next closest thing.


Finally, grab something that actually complements the clothing you wear. Every watch design works well with something, but even a top-tier watch will look horrible if it doesn’t go with your clothing. The sad truth is that your watch is a mere accessory and it really can’t do the heavy lifting for your style. If you want a watch, make sure that it is a good fit for both your wrist and for the clothing with which you will wear the watch. While a child can get away with wearing any watch with any outfit, you’ll need to put in a bit more thought.

A good watch should be reliable, durable, and should work as a fashion accessory. This should help you pare down the possibilities when you are shopping and give you a chance to find something that works with your life and style. In time, you’ll come to realize that there is only one perfect watch for the way you live your life.

Advances in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular because it is both easier to clean and more hygienic than carpeting. It is also better suited when dealing with kids and pets. However, it does have some significant downsides. Most notably, it is much harder than carpet, which can be suboptimal for the elderly, those with bad backs or feet, or those who want to sit on the floor. Additionally, it remains more expensive than most modern carpets, because said carpets could be easily mass produced, installed cheaply, and replaced easily. However, the long-term benefits of hardwood, especially the fact that it is more eco-friendly and that it may not need to be replaced for centuries, has lead to increased demand for hardwood flooring. This means that, due to market demand, there are two expanding trends in the hardwood flooring market today: reclaimed wood and the introduction of softer woods.

Reclaimed Wood
The reclaimed wood movement stems largely from a desire to be environmentally friendly, but also to capture rustic or old-world charm. Hardwood floor New York was almost universal until 20th-century advances in the plastics industry made carpets cheap to mass produce. This means that many old structures have excellent hardwood floors in them, and with careful effort, they can be removed and installed elsewhere. This “reclaimed wood” is thus both more environmentally friendly than fresh timber, since it has already been harvested and requires no fresh trees to be cut. It also has an aged look that can’t be achieved with modern techniques, making it very appealing to those who want a more traditional or colonial look. Reclaimed wood is also often less expensive than new timbers of the same type, reflecting the fact that, as a “recycled” product, it is “used” and thus merits a lower price. The lower cost of obtaining and processing it is also a factor in this reduced cost.

The new “softer” hardwood floor
However, it is the “soft floor” movement that has caught on the most and is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to carpet. This is done primarily through the use of bamboo, either as a cover over traditional hardwood flooring or as a complete floor. Bamboo is much more flexible than traditional hardwoods while retaining much of the strength and versatility. Previously, the fact that bamboo grew in thin slats and had a rough, curves surface made it less desirable as a floor covering, since it would be uneven underfoot. But modern automated bamboo processing techniques, originally developed to sate the Chinese market, have enabled bamboo to serve as an effective form of flooring. The best part about such flooring is that it can be softer or harder than traditional flooring, depending on demand, as its hardness is determined by the weave of the bamboo.

How to Increase Your Leads List Without Turning Clients Off

As a real estate agent, you may understand how important your email marketing list is to your business, and you may be focused on growing your list on a daily basis. After all, the larger your list is and the more frequently those leads are touched, the more likely your leads are to contact you when they are ready to move forward with buying, selling or renting plans. However, many agents struggle to find an effective way to maintain and grow this list without turning clients off. By following a few helpful tips, you can more easily accomplish your goal.

Keep Marketing Messages Relevant and Timely
One of the first areas to focus on is to avoid turning off existing leads in your database. It works directly against your goal of growing the list if people regularly opt out of receiving your marketing for realtors material. One of the best ways to retain membership in your list is to keep all content sent to them relevant, informative and helpful. Put yourself in their shoes, and consider the type of information you would want to receive from your real estate agent. More than that, avoid sending too many messages and cluttering up their inbox. In most cases, sending a new message to them once every week or two is plenty.

Add a Share Link to Your Messages
After you have focused on client retention efforts for your email marketing list, your attention may turn to increasing your number of viable leads. One idea is to add a “share” link to the content you distribute. This allows leads to easily forward content that they find interesting or helpful to friends and family members, and you can capture those leads through an opt-in feature.

Create an Opt In Link in Your Email Signature
Another great idea is to add an opt-in link to your email signature. This way, anyone who you contact via email, such as potentially new clients, have the ability to easily opt in to your marketing campaigns. Be sure to make the opt-in feature sound enticing, such as by asking clients to click the link if they want to receive hot real estate buying and selling tips.

Add an Opt In Link on Your Website
A final and important area to focus on is your website. You may drive visitors to your website through organic search engine measures, through the use of yard signs and flyers or via other means, and you want to take full advantage of the efforts you have gone to get these leads to your website. Consider a pop-up feature to request visitors to opt into your email distribution list.

Growing your email distribution list is understandably a prime area of concern that many real estate agents are focused on. By growing this list, you can expand the reach of your marketing efforts. While most agents will grow their list slowly over time, you can speed up the process by following these helpful tips.