Last week my son turned 6 and we celebrated with a Lego themed birthday party.  I kept the party small – just 6 friends – so that it was manageable and more fun for everyone!

When the guests arrived they were greeted by this Lego “6” door hanger.

It was super easy and cheap to create this fun door hanger with my son’s Legos.  It was inspired by a similar door hanger here.

In the foyer I decorated the telephone table with balloons and Legos and stacked up the Lego head “goody bag” containers.

In the kitchen the dessert buffet was set up with more Legos and balloons.

This little guy is my answer to the party store not carrying a Lego pinata.  He was completely improvised at the last minute with a coffee can, crepe paper and curly ribbon.  Since you can’t bash a coffee can with a stick to get candy this is the pull string variety.  The curly ribbon was tied to a few layers of crepe paper covering the bottom opening.  I held it up above the kids heads, each one grabbed a string and on the count of three they pulled making the candy rain down.  I think I’m sold on pull string pinatas from now on!

I also crafted up these fun Lego brick pops.  These are waffle shaped pretzels dipped in blue and green candy melts and topped with pretzel M&M’s.  I think they look just like Lego bricks but my husband had no idea what they were supposed to be!  (You can totally tell right? right?)  Either way they taste awesome!

The juice boxes were dressed up with free Lego brick printables from here.

And of course we had cupcakes!  I made the candy minifigures and bricks with silicone molds found on Etsy.

I’ll be back later this week with Lego Party Part 2: Activities and Goody Bag Treats.  Till then, you can see all my Lego party inspiration on my pinboard here.