I’m back to share part two of my son’s Lego birthday party.  This time I’m sharing the activities and treat bags with you.

As the kids arrived they each received a Lego mini pack to build.  I really wanted the kids to have a Lego set to build and take home with them.  The mini packs are pretty reasonable for under $5 a piece.  This activity kept the boys busy building for about 20 minutes.  It was clear they are all Lego maniacs!

Next we played Lego bingo which was also a bunch of fun for the boys.  I used this printable Lego Bingo from Big D & Me.  Perfect for a birthday party or any day.
 Up next was the Lego head pull string pinata (read more here).  Then  we rounded out the party with pizza and cupcakes of course.

Now on to the treat bags- my very favorite part!  The treat jars are spray painted bulk food containers with Lego faces added with a paint pen.  I knew I was hoarding saving those containers for a reason.  So, so cute!

Inside each treat jar was a hand stamped key chain, Lego t-shirt, and printable coloring book with Lego crayons.

Key chains are all the rage in Kindergarten dontcha know?  I had fun using my stamping kit to make these.

Cleo Livin’ Life has a printable Lego coloring book available for download here.  I made my own Lego crayons to go with it using silicone Lego molds and my son custom colored the cover for each of his friends.
Last but not least, I made each child a Lego t-shirt using printable heat transfers.  This is my favorite way to make customized t-shirts.  Just print your picture on the paper using your printer and iron!

***UPDATE***  These customized block figure files are now available online here.***