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Thrifting on Vacation: Kailua Salvation Army

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Hey guys I am back from a wonderful trip to Hawaii!  When you’re on vacation you are supposed to relax and make time for the things you enjoy right?  Well I love thrifting – even in Hawaii!  One day I was out shopping for souvenirs in the trendy beach town of Kailua when I stumbled upon the local Salvation Army.

I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics of the asian-inspired, vintage 70’s, Hawaiian goodies within for your viewing pleasure.  I think I also got the award for “Weirdest Tourist” while I was in there photographing a thrift store rather than the beautiful Hawaiian scenery.

The racks of second hand Hawaiian muumuus went on for miles.  The local eco-conscious store Muumuu Heaven takes vintage Aloha wear like this and transforms it into fashionable apparel and home decor.  Oh what you could DIY with a sewing machine and a couple of these babies…

The furniture department was a little sparse but I thought these chairs could be adorable with fun paint and fabric.

The bric-a-brac was where it’s at though, folks.  I really wish I could have figured out how to get some of these goodies home safely on the plane.

It was really fun to take a peek at a thrift store in paradise!  What thrift store gems have you found while traveling?

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