5 Tips for Finding Online Personal Loans

It’s important to have the money needed to pay bills and take care of various expenses. When a bank doesn’t want to give you a loan, you can explore online personal loans. there are a few tips to help you find the right loan.

1. Choose a Reputable Loan Company

The reputation of a company should be explored before you ever fill out an application. Read reviews to find out what other people have to say about the company. You don’t want to take out a personal loan with a company that is known for being extremely difficult to deal with as it could affect the money that you get or your credit score.

2. Read the Fine Print

You should always take the time to read the fine print when applying for online personal loans. This will tell you everything you need to know about how to pay back the loan, what fees you will deal with, and various other details. If you don’t like what the fine print has to say, you should look at getting a loan elsewhere as you won’t be able to negotiate the terms.

3. Find Out About the Payback Schedule

Installment loans will have a payback schedule that is based on making multiple payments. The payments will include principle and interest. You need to make sure the installations are spread apart enough for you to be able to make the payments.

4. Review the Interest Rate & Fees

You need to learn what the interest rate is as this will affect how much it is going to cost you to take out the loan. Non-conventional loans will often have higher interest rates due to the convenience that is offered. However, rates can vary from site to site. You should also find out if there are other fees to deal with, such as application or late fees. For those of you interested in learning more, there are more resources to be found on the Northcash website.

5. Find Out How Long it Takes to Get the Money

One of the main benefits to online personal loans is that they are processed quickly. In many instances, you will be able to get the money deposited directly into your account within a few business days. Depending on how quickly you need the money, you need to review how long it will take for a company to get the money to you.

By reviewing some of the details, it will be easier for you to get an online personal loan that meets all of your needs.

Top 5 Types of Business Printers

When buying a new business printer, you need to consider all the five major types of printers and the functionalities of each of them. If you don’t do this, you may go for an option that offers you no value. The following are the most common business printers that you need to evaluate before giving a vendor your money. Making the right choice can truly be difficult as every merchant would love to do business with you.

1. Laser/LED

Laser and printers are basically the most popular types of printers in business offices. The popularity is, in part, attributed to their efficiency, reliability, and ability to produce high-quality text. These printers use a light source to project the right images onto a rotating drum that eventually transfers toner onto the paper. The capabilities of the printers’ hard-drives make them the best for networking. And since toner is relatively inexpensive compared with other printing modes, their ongoing costs are fair. However, you need to consider why you need a business printer and your budget before attempting to buy laser printers. They are expensive upfront and not the best for photo printing.

2. Inkjet

Inkjets are also used in business offices, but they are more commonly used in home offices. These business printers squirt liquid ink through a pinhead. Their photo qualities are high so you can consider them if want to produce fliers, documents, and brochures that contain graphics. Inkjet printers can also print on several types of media. They are inexpensive upfront, and some of them also have networking capabilities.

Inkjet printers with networking capabilities are not common mainly due to the high costs of replacing ink. They are also significantly slower.

3. Solid–ink Printers

Solid–ink printers work by melting blocks of colored wax onto paper. The printers can be compared to laser business printers in terms of the quality of their black and white prints, ongoing costs, and reliability. However, solid-ink printers produce high-quality color prints, are small, and more compact. But they are quite prone to smudging and are less common in the market. There are fewer models in the market from which you can choose whenever you need one.

4. Snapshot printers

The photo quality of these printers is much higher than with other business printers. They often don’t have business applications. This makes them more common for home use.

5. Dye–sublimation Printers

These types of printers work by using heat– transferred dye. They produce superior quality images. So they are reserved for businesses that must have excellent image quality such as graphic design firms. The cost per page of their printouts is the most expensive in the market.

To make a well-informed decision regarding what type of printer is right for your business, get to know the type of printer that you need. You can start by evaluating your requirements, your financial ability, and the functionalities that you need.

5 Important Considerations When Choosing Field Management Software

Choosing field management software is a tall order for most service businesses. There are several requirements, vendor specifications, and capabilities to put into consideration before making a selection. To help, we have identified and summarized five factors that you should consider.

1. Reliable Connectivity Matters

Having an efficient field service means you are constantly connected. For this reason, you need software that works seamlessly across as many different mobile devices as possible. The software should incorporate strong social functions. Remember, without this, your technicians and back-office personnel cannot remain connected in the field at all times.

2. Mobility is Key

No serious manager or technician can ignore the significance of having extremely strong mobile capabilities for their field solutions. It’s simply no longer fashionable to spend even a minute trying to navigate complex field management software that has not been optimized for mobile services. This is truly a hassle for people who work on the go. Consider selecting high-functioning mobile apps that will enable you to access critical tools such as inventory management and sales and service quotes.

3. Favorable Deployment Model a Must

Consider how your field service management software will be deployed before you commit. Is the software SaaS-based, on-premise, or hosted? Your choice should reflect what works best for your organization. If your organization is small and values cost savings, simplicity, and convenience, you can consider SaaS-based solutions.

4. Compatible Platform

Pick software that communicates effectively with other applications. Field management software can be integrated with applications such as CRM and CRP. Your vendor needs to prove that they are able to integrate with a few third-party business applications that are available in your environment.

5. Credibility of Vendor is Important

Evaluate the credibility of vendors. Why is this necessary? Even if a vendor says and demonstrates that they can provide the best software solutions, you still need to be careful. What if you have to sell all your important assets to afford the license? Or, what if the vendor doesn’t offer any meaningful customer support? Or, what if the field service management software does not support at least some of your system requirements? Keep all these possibilities and much more behind your mind whenever you are choosing field software.

Since you cannot foretell what might happen with your purchase once the sale is closed, it’s prudent to work with a reliable vendor. The most important criteria that you should use whenever choosing a new field service solution are viability, reputation, and service and support offerings.

Selecting new field management software is difficult but not impossible. Do adequate homework before going to the market. What’s more, read reviews from your vendor’s customers to determine whether they possess the right qualities.

5 Flexographic Printing-Related Facts For New and Existing Flexo Setups

Providing the ability to perform ink printing on nearly any type of surface, the popularity of flexographic printing dates back to the late 1800’s in Liverpool, England, where it was known as Bibby’s Folly, named for its creators Bibby, Barrons and Sons. The versatility of the printer’s application across a wide range of industrial uses has made this type of printing extremely useful for a number of business uses.

This article discusses 5 important facts related to flexographic printing.

1. Flexographic Ink is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry

Paying By Credit Card Concept with Businessman Keeping Credit Card in His Hand.

According to a recent report by Coherent Market Insights, the global market size of the flexographic ink industry was 7.83 billion CAD in 2016, with a projected compound annual revenue growth rate (CAGR) of 5.6 percent through 2025. The market expansion has been driven by increased needs for brand promotion and advertising products, which have followed the rising consumer demands for packaged goods.

The largest portion of this flexo ink market has been dominated by water-based inks, used primarily in newspapers and plain paper and cardboard printing applications.

2. The Demand for Flexographic Printing Continues to Increase

Financial Professional With Increasing Bar Graph And Red Bars

Industry trade journal Flexo Magazine has reported that flexographic printing fulfills 72 percent of the printing demands of the packaging markets, noting that once a firm has transitioned to flexo printing, it only increases its investment in related hardware, inks and skilled employees.

Additionally, technological advances in printing setups and inks have helped flexographic printing to remain competitive with modern digital printing technologies.

3. It’s Canadian Environmental Law Compliant

Recycling Tanks

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) have been associated with increasing the risks for developing respiratory disorders including asthma, lung and throat irritations, in addition to higher rates of cancers, kidney and liver damage and neurological disorders in exposed populations.

Meeting the demands placed by the Canadian Environmental Protection Act of 1999 to limit VOC’s emissions, including benzene and other toxic carcinogens, the attractiveness of UV-cured VOC inks has seen a steady increase in the country’s manufacturing demand, especially in applications for food labels printing in Canada as well as Latin America.

4. Extended Color Gamut (ECG) Outperforms Traditional Color Pallets

Painter Woman With Colourful Design Swatches On White Background

Increased needs for the efficiencies and the cost reductions to be had from transitioning to printing with a fixed number of inks in flexographic setups has caused CMYK+, an ECG pallette scheme, to replace the traditional CMYK pallettes, making it a suitable replacement for Pantone spot color applications in over 90 percent of applications.

The benefits of ECG printing include decreasing the press change-over and make-ready time-frames as well as frequently eliminating the requirement to perform a clean-up in between print jobs. Providing additional benefits such as reducing ink waste and the need to maintain large inventories, ECG delivers other attractive cost savings and process streamlining in flexographic environments.

5. A Flexcart and a Flexstand Can Help Preserve Your Flexographic Printer Investment

Screen Printing Material Rolls Shelf Machine Industrial Professi

Investing in a flexcart and a flexstand can improve the lifetime of your flexo printer. Ensuring your printer is in a safe environment can help ensure that the printer is not accidentally damaged and that expensive printing jobs are not interrupted in a high traffic manufacturing environment.

It’s well-known in flexographic setups that once flexo ink has dried, it can be nearly impossible to remove from the printer’s rollers.

Flexcarts, specifically, are created to assist with maintaining the flexographic printer, keeping it cleaner. A flexcart, with its mobile casters can allow the printer to be set up in a variety of environments and support its safe transportation, while a flex stand can give your printer stability and access to the rollers to ensure adequate cleaning.

Top 4 Benefits of using Field Service Software

With the progressive advancement in technology today, more and more advanced software have been used to foster production and boost developments in various types of industries. The effects of globalization have therefore led to a growing host of various field service software that encompasses various sectors including financial, production, marketing, and sales just to mention a few. With this demand, the process has developed with major benefits with some of the top 4 benefits of using service software for the field being discussed in the article below.

1. Low Cost

Contrary to what many have been thinking about how expensive service software’s are, there is usually little or no capital required. By low cost, it means that the outlay from both the entrepreneur and a venture company are subsidized in nature to help venture the needs of all individuals including those experiencing tight financial problems. The great motivating factor of the software developers towards this is their knowledge that making use of the software to service the plethora is a great idea of executing the business as well as a good business sense of getting the business operations going with continuity.

Cost inflation is not only marked by the capital expenditure, but, also the cost of future upgrades. With the field service software, you should be safe as there is little maintenance that is incurred in cloud arrangement. More to this, owners of the software are entitled to enjoy professional support for the maintenance of the system as it is accounted for in the contract cost.

2. Its Effectiveness

This benefit closely relates to the reduced cost of the software. Having made it cost-friendly to everyone, they have also extended its effectiveness. This great step has allowed individuals to use the appropriate software for an effective business and operational on a personal private server that may be located in a professional data center. This is commonly known as cloud computing and has been proven to be much simpler compared to the traditional approach for the same task.

3. Scope of Services

To this benefit, there is quite a huge range of services that the field service software can perform. Some of the software is developed to serve specific tasks and thus, it is upon individuals and business owners to choose the right tool from the market that best fits their application. Once you have the specific operation that you need to accomplish, you can avoid burdening the company with unnecessary components as the cash flow is directed to other important business aspects.

4. Operational benefits

Concerning operational aids, many professional software developers can offer the service on a subscription basis rather than direct purchases that would lead to increased costs. More to this, upgrades can be included in the subscription instead of using direct purchases when the business expands or after a new technology hits the market.

5 Common Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical mistakes prompting malpractice lawsuits happen every day in hospitals and doctor’s offices globally. Errors arising from medical care lead to serious injuries including disability and wrongful death. When faced with such a situation, it is advisable to hire medical malpractice experts. Here are some of the most common medical malpractice cases.

1. Emergency room malpractice

Individuals who visit an emergency room do so because they want immediate care. Unfortunately, the doctors in the facility might ignore the patient’s symptoms or fail to act fast enough. As such, the patients might suffer serious injuries and at times might pass on. These incidences are common, especially due to negligence.

2. Performing surgery on the wrong part

Wrong site surgical errors can lead to serious injuries and sometimes death. One such case was when a patient’s right ovary was to be removed because it had a cancerous tumor. The surgeon, however, operated on the left ovary. This left the woman without any ovary considering that the one that had been left was not in good shape. The lady sued the doctor for damages.

3. Anesthesia mistakes

The discovery of anesthesia brought forth a revolution in the medical field. Today, hospitals have a particular medical practitioner who administers anesthesia to patients who are going into surgery. When the anesthetist administers too much or too little anesthesia, medical malpractice might occur. Statistics show that one in every 200,000 patients die because of anesthesia complications.

Anesthesia is a crucial part of a surgical procedure. However, one may never get to hear about such mistakes until it affects someone close to them. The error might occur due to improper training, failure to read orders and poor communication between staff members.

4. Medical negligence

It refers to errors that arise because of lack of acute care. One such case is one of negligence by administrative staff in a fertility clinic. The lady came into the hospital to have an embryo that had her husband’s sperms transferred. The staff at the hospital mixed up the samples. Nine months later, when the woman’s child was born, there was no resemblance of the baby to the parents. The couple sued the clinic for negligence.

5. Leaving surgical tools inside the patient

There are also instances of negligence where the doctor leaves surgical instruments in the patient’s body after completing the surgery. Some common items left in the body include sponges, forceps, tubes, needles, clamps, tweezers, surgical gloves, drain tips, guide wires and surgical masks.

The consequences of leaving surgical items in a patient’s body can vary from harmless to fatal. Items that are left inside the body may cause severe pain, infection, fever, internal bleeding, and damage to internal organs, swelling and loss of part of an organ. The patient might require an additional surgery to extract the object. At times wrongful death may occur.

The qualities of a great watch

If you’ve ever looked for a man’s watch, you know there’s quite a variety out there. While there’s certainly a number of technical terms you can use to differentiate one watch from another, it can be difficult to decide what makes one watch good and another watch worth skipping. If you’re in the market for a good wooden watch, for example, you’ll want to take a moment to figure out what makes any given watch worth buying. Fortunately, you can look to three factors to figure out exactly what makes a specific watch better than others in its category.


If you remember the old watch commercials, you’ll remember the phrase “it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin'”. While you don’t necessarily need to have a watch that’s going to stand up to extreme punishment, it is good to have a watch that stands up to daily use. Your day-to-day watch should be something that can stand the average bumps and scrapes of office life without causing you to stop and worry about the watch face or casing. While there are certainly plenty of problems that can befall your typical watch, you want something that’s going to be a tool rather than a distraction.


Some people view a watch as a simple fashion accessory, but the truth is that a tense wooden watch is still very much a time-keeping tool. The last thing you want to do is to spend a significant amount of time making sure that your watch actually fulfills its primary purpose. It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles the watch has if it can’t keep time reliably. While every mechanical watch will eventually lose time, you want something that’s going to generally be reliable from day to day. You can’t expect perfection, buit you should be willing to look for the next closest thing.


Finally, grab something that actually complements the clothing you wear. Every watch design works well with something, but even a top-tier watch will look horrible if it doesn’t go with your clothing. The sad truth is that your watch is a mere accessory and it really can’t do the heavy lifting for your style. If you want a watch, make sure that it is a good fit for both your wrist and for the clothing with which you will wear the watch. While a child can get away with wearing any watch with any outfit, you’ll need to put in a bit more thought.

A good watch should be reliable, durable, and should work as a fashion accessory. This should help you pare down the possibilities when you are shopping and give you a chance to find something that works with your life and style. In time, you’ll come to realize that there is only one perfect watch for the way you live your life.

Advances in Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming increasingly popular because it is both easier to clean and more hygienic than carpeting. It is also better suited when dealing with kids and pets. However, it does have some significant downsides. Most notably, it is much harder than carpet, which can be suboptimal for the elderly, those with bad backs or feet, or those who want to sit on the floor. Additionally, it remains more expensive than most modern carpets, because said carpets could be easily mass produced, installed cheaply, and replaced easily. However, the long-term benefits of hardwood, especially the fact that it is more eco-friendly and that it may not need to be replaced for centuries, has lead to increased demand for hardwood flooring. This means that, due to market demand, there are two expanding trends in the hardwood flooring market today: reclaimed wood and the introduction of softer woods.

Reclaimed Wood
The reclaimed wood movement stems largely from a desire to be environmentally friendly, but also to capture rustic or old-world charm. Hardwood floor New York was almost universal until 20th-century advances in the plastics industry made carpets cheap to mass produce. This means that many old structures have excellent hardwood floors in them, and with careful effort, they can be removed and installed elsewhere. This “reclaimed wood” is thus both more environmentally friendly than fresh timber, since it has already been harvested and requires no fresh trees to be cut. It also has an aged look that can’t be achieved with modern techniques, making it very appealing to those who want a more traditional or colonial look. Reclaimed wood is also often less expensive than new timbers of the same type, reflecting the fact that, as a “recycled” product, it is “used” and thus merits a lower price. The lower cost of obtaining and processing it is also a factor in this reduced cost.

The new “softer” hardwood floor
However, it is the “soft floor” movement that has caught on the most and is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to carpet. This is done primarily through the use of bamboo, either as a cover over traditional hardwood flooring or as a complete floor. Bamboo is much more flexible than traditional hardwoods while retaining much of the strength and versatility. Previously, the fact that bamboo grew in thin slats and had a rough, curves surface made it less desirable as a floor covering, since it would be uneven underfoot. But modern automated bamboo processing techniques, originally developed to sate the Chinese market, have enabled bamboo to serve as an effective form of flooring. The best part about such flooring is that it can be softer or harder than traditional flooring, depending on demand, as its hardness is determined by the weave of the bamboo.

How to Increase Your Leads List Without Turning Clients Off

As a real estate agent, you may understand how important your email marketing list is to your business, and you may be focused on growing your list on a daily basis. After all, the larger your list is and the more frequently those leads are touched, the more likely your leads are to contact you when they are ready to move forward with buying, selling or renting plans. However, many agents struggle to find an effective way to maintain and grow this list without turning clients off. By following a few helpful tips, you can more easily accomplish your goal.

Keep Marketing Messages Relevant and Timely
One of the first areas to focus on is to avoid turning off existing leads in your database. It works directly against your goal of growing the list if people regularly opt out of receiving your marketing for realtors material. One of the best ways to retain membership in your list is to keep all content sent to them relevant, informative and helpful. Put yourself in their shoes, and consider the type of information you would want to receive from your real estate agent. More than that, avoid sending too many messages and cluttering up their inbox. In most cases, sending a new message to them once every week or two is plenty.

Add a Share Link to Your Messages
After you have focused on client retention efforts for your email marketing list, your attention may turn to increasing your number of viable leads. One idea is to add a “share” link to the content you distribute. This allows leads to easily forward content that they find interesting or helpful to friends and family members, and you can capture those leads through an opt-in feature.

Create an Opt In Link in Your Email Signature
Another great idea is to add an opt-in link to your email signature. This way, anyone who you contact via email, such as potentially new clients, have the ability to easily opt in to your marketing campaigns. Be sure to make the opt-in feature sound enticing, such as by asking clients to click the link if they want to receive hot real estate buying and selling tips.

Add an Opt In Link on Your Website
A final and important area to focus on is your website. You may drive visitors to your website through organic search engine measures, through the use of yard signs and flyers or via other means, and you want to take full advantage of the efforts you have gone to get these leads to your website. Consider a pop-up feature to request visitors to opt into your email distribution list.

Growing your email distribution list is understandably a prime area of concern that many real estate agents are focused on. By growing this list, you can expand the reach of your marketing efforts. While most agents will grow their list slowly over time, you can speed up the process by following these helpful tips.

Design Obsession: Chevron Pattern

In my earlier post this week you may have caught a glimpse of chevron awesomeness…I am absolutely in love with this zigzag pattern!  So in love in fact, I bough a whole bolt of this lovely brown/natural fabric on clearance from fabric.com.

But you will just have to wait till tomorrow to hear more about that!  In the meantime, here are a few lovely chevron projects from around blogland to inspire you!

Grey, brown, aqua or yellow I love them all!  Do you have chevrons in your home?  Planning any chevron pattern projects?

Guest Posting at Little Blue Chairs Today

I’m so excited to be guest posting at Little Blue Chairs today.  Laurie has a wonderful thrifty blog where the tag line is “Decorating for real life by real people”.  I’m down with that!

If you were wondering what I did with that bolt of chevron pattern fabric I showed you yesterday, head on over to Little Blue Chairs and satisfy your curiosity!

Spring Break Hangover

Ever since I visited my parents house over spring break I am feeling just the wee bit LAY-ZAY.  I sit here surrounded by projects in progress and I haven’t got a one finished to share with you.  So much for quality content eh?

To try to get my mojo back I have been perusing the Craigslist.  Oh boy have I been finding inspiration there:  antique desks for $20 and chests of drawers for $15.  They are just calling to me!  Saaaaraaaah, Saaaarrraaaah!

Too bad my husband suggested that I finish one of my ongoing projects before heaping more furniture into the already crowded garage (isn’t he a party pooper?)  He may be a tad bit concerned that I’m a hoarder in the early stages.  I can’t be the only one who get’s that right? right?

Anyway.  If ya need me I’ll be busy finishing up this coffee table to ottoman transformation so I can get back to hoarding painting furniture!

Since I’m keepin’ it real in this blog post, it’s the perfect time to suggest you hop on over and visit my sister’s fashion blog, Closet Floor Finds.  She always Keeps it Real on Mondays!

Quick Mother’s Day Craft

When I saw this adorable handprint trees wrapped canvas from Come Together Kids I knew I wanted to make my own version to give to my kids’ grandmas for Mother’s Day.

In the original version Laura goes all out thrifty using fabric from worn out clothes on the canvas!  For my version I decided to use scrapbooking paper and a clearance 8×10 frame from from Michaels.  I already had pink scrapbooking paper and a multi-flower punch on hand so my total spent was about $7.00.

I wasn’t sure what to use for the white centers of the flowers so I ended up dabbing some craft glue on them and shaking a little white glitter on top.  It’s hard to see in the picture (it’s nearly impossible to get a good pic of a frame with glass!) but the glitter gives the trees some subtle shimmer.

My Mother-in-law loved the special and personal gift from the kids so that’s good enough for me!  Please click over to Laura’s blog to read the project tutorial.  I could see this craft adapted for a teacher or birthday as well.

Make Mother’s Day Last: Frechetta Simply Inspired Pizza Giveaway

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FRESCHETTA® for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
If you’re like me the best Mother’s Day gift you can receive is a break from everyday chores like cooking and cleaning.  Well the nice people at Freschetta helped me avoid the dinner grind by giving me a gift certificate to try their new Simply Inspired Pizza.
This new line of pizzas comes in eight delicious-sounding varieties:

  • Harvest Supreme
  • Classic Bruschetta
  • Hawaiian Style
  • Chicken Bianco
  • Farmers Market Veggie
  • Rustic Pepperoni Pomodoro
  • Southern BBQ Recipe Chicken
  • Tuscan Farmhouse

Since my husband was doing the shopping, I let him choose the flavor for us to try.  He came home with the Classic Bruschetta.

The Fresch-Taste Seal Packing is extremely easy to open and uses 30% less packing material.  This pizza isn’t shrink wrapped so there’s no hassle removing the plastic as well as half your toppings!
But what my husband and I really like is the light, crispy crust and flavorful sauce.  It was more like eating a restaurant-style artisan pizza than a frozen one.
And now you can taste for yourself!  Freschetta is kindly offering one of my lucky readers a gift certificate to try  their Simply Inspired line of pizzas as well as a bamboo cutting board!

To enter:
1. Review the flavor varieties at FRESCHETTA® Simply…Inspired™ and leave a comment telling me which flavor you would like to try.
2. Like Freschetta on Facebook or follow them on Twitter and leave me a comment to let me know.
The lucky winner will be chosen on Friday, May 18th, 2011!

Winner, Winner, Pizza Dinner!

Today I’m announcing the winner of the Freschetta Simply Inspired pizza & cutting board giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered to win.  The winner is…

Lesley Mitchell from the blog One Cheap Chick 
Lesley send me an email at thethriftress@gmail.com so I can arrange to send you your pizza gift card and cutting board!

First Trip to Lucketts Spring Market

On Sunday I packed up the whole family to check out the Lucketts Spring Market.  As soon as we pulled up to the stoplight near the Old Lucketts Store I started to get excited!  There were so many great items everywhere I looked.

After we parked the cars (we brought two so we could bring home more goodies!) we strolled through the rows and rows of dealer booths.  I wanted to take home one of everything.

The whole time I kept my eyes peeled for Cassie from Primitive & Proper and Marian, AKA Miss Mustard Seed.  I came around the corner of one row and saw a booth that I loved filled with beautiful, colorful pieces.  Then I recognized some of the furniture from Cassie’s blog.

Cassie and I had a great time chatting and she got to meet the whole crazy family.  One of the best blog buddies a girl can have!  You can read more about Cassie & Lucketts here.

Cassie’s booth was next to Wild Rose & Co so I got a chance to chat with Lynette and peruse the goods at my perennial fav Chartreuse & Co.

Finally I spotted Miss Mustard Seed’s booth.  It was difficult to recognize at first because the place was wiped out!  You can see the before and after here.  Marian convinced me to give chalk paint a try (putting an order in soon) and was so very encouraging and supportive!

Now you are probably wondering about the shopping.  While these folks enjoyed hot dogs, funnel cakes & lemonade I got down to business and visited the Lucketts Store, the design house and several booths.
Now my friends: the eye candy!
My favorite part was the design house.  Miss Mustard Seed told me that they change the decor every month – WOW!  My daughter decided this was the princess room.  See there’s her crown on the table!
I went to the market on a mission to find a chest of drawers for my daughter’s room but didn’t have any luck.  Instead I picked up a cute leather cuff for my sister and a cool wrought iron globe.  I couldn’t go home empty handed.
More Lucketts pics on my Facebook page…

Coffee Table to Upholstered Ottoman

This project has been torturing me for a while now.  I just wasn’t sure I could pull it off.  But when I finally hunkered down today and finished the skirt, I was really surprised by the results!  Here’s how this baby started out.

This coffee table has been haunting me for nearly ten years and two houses.  My husband bought it before we were married.  It is a quality, heavy piece of furniture but it never seemed to work with my vision for the family room.   You know me, though, I never wanted to shell out the big bucks for something new so I lived with it.  Then it struck me that upholstering it in drop cloths might be just the makeover the coffee table needed!

I started by removing the feet and giving them a quick shot of black spray paint.  (Like my ingenious styrofoam paint pedestal?  I have used it over and over to paint and I love it.  Don’t throw out your large pieces of styrofoam!)

Next I covered the whole table top and sides with two to three layers of egg crate mattress pads using spray adhesive.  I researched the price for upholstery foam but just could not justify $30/yard!  Two full size egg crates cost me only $30 dollars total at Target and was enough to get the job done.

When I got to the upholstering part that’s when things started to get hairy!  I’m sure I didn’t go about it in the proper fashion and the ottoman may have ended up a little lumpy in places.  But much to my surprise adding the skirt and ribbon along with a ton of staples and hot glue really saved the project!

And see that tray on top?  I fashioned it out of the old coffee table drawers.  Then I painted the interior the same turquoise as my favorite lampand added the same chevron material as the curtains to the bottom. LOVE. IT.

I am having a drawer repurposing moment right now.  Got another project using drawers coming up later in the week.  So stay tuned!

Repurposed Drawers

Remember these old cabinets I removed for my laundry room makeover?

Did you think I just kicked those babies to the curb?  Heck no!  Much to my husband’s consternation I have been hanging on to the upper cabinet and the lower drawers (the lower cabinet fell apart during demo or I would have kept it too).  Mr. Thriftress thoroughly detests just loves old cabinets and drawers strewn about the house!  So to tidy up an bit and keep the whining to a minimum I set to work repurposing the drawers for my son’s room.  With a little paint and some wheels the drawers became these adorable rolling storage carts for the Lego table!

I’ve always wanted one of these awesome Pottery Barn Kids activity tables with the carts that tuck underneath.

Now I’ve got my own for just the cost of 8 small wheels (about $18) available at the home improvement center!  I used the same dark blue paint as my son’s bed frame which I already had on hand and the handles are made from rope we had lying around the garage.  Sweet!  I’m so excited about making something out of nothing and maybe getting the Lego bits & pieces under control.

Here’s the step by step for making your own activity carts.

  1. Find a drawer to repurpose.  Mine are from a laundry room demo.  If you don’t have drawers on hand you can find them at thrift stores likeHabitat for Humanity ReStore or on Freecyle and Craigslist.
  2. Remove the hardware and rough up the surface of the drawer with the sander or sand paper.  My drawers are laminate so I gave them a thoroughsanding to make sure the paint would adhere.
  3. Drill holes for the rope handle or whatever hardware you plan to use.  The laminate tends to chip when drilling holes so I did this before priming & painting.
  4. Prime.
  5. Paint.
  6. Using a screwdriver attach the wheels to each corner of the drawer.
  7. Add the rope handle.  I simply knotted the rope on the inside and outside of the drawer to secure it.

Done!  Now you’ve got yourself a handy toy tote or under bed storage!

What have you repurposed in your home?

Knock Off Decor Feature Today!

Good afternoon!  Just want to let you know that my repurposed drawers project is featured on Knock Off Decor today!

If you have never visited Knock Off Decor before check it out!  Everyday Beckie from Infarrantly Creative features budget friendly projects inspired by the likes of Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and others.  Because after all “imitation is the highest form of flattery”!

How to Celebrate Your Sister’s 30th Birthday

First, cry a little bit because she’s your little sister!  Then get over it and work your magic to make her a glamorous birthday present.

I scored the vintage mirror at a yard sale for just $3!

I wasn’t sure about the urn and flowers detail at the top at first but once the turquoise spray paint (left over Krylon Bahama Sea from my lamp makeover) went on I love those details!

Next get dolled up for the big 30th birthday party and take a few fashion blogger shots with your sis!

Then eat some delish vanilla birthday cake.  Cake that says “30 Never Looked So Fashionable!” and wears a hot pink skinny belt!

Finish off the night dancing at a bar till closing and eating pizza in the wee hours of the morning.  Then catch a few hours of sleep and wish you were only 30 again!

Happy Birthday Melissa!  And remember…